Steel stairs are one of the most frequently sold variants of stairs, which will be very useful both in the design of the building facade and in the interior. Steel stairs staircase takes up less space and are more lighter than wood stairs. When used outdoors, galvanizing is recommended so that steel stairs can better withstand the effects of the weather. In the interior, it is recommended to paint our steel stairs with hot powder paint according to the RAL Classic shade catalog or wet paint with poliuretan or water based matte paints. Steel stairs railings can be made of both steel and stainless steel profiles.

The construction of the steel stairs is designed so that the step finish (wood-stone-concrete) can be installed after the finishing of the apartment or house, thus steel stairs steps are not worn out before the start of operation. When choosing us, we will make sure that our steel stairs meet your wishes, fits perfectly into any style of interior and exterior.

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